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Mime Time: A Book of Routines and Performance Tips

Forty-five complete mime routines for performers of all ages adaptable to audiences of different types. This book may be used as a class text or a library resource. In addition to the wide variety of routines are technique suggestions and ideas about makeup, props, staging, where and when to perform and teamwork! Routines for solo and ensemble presentation.


The Mime Book: A Comprehensive Guide to Mime

The great French mime performer, Claude Kipnis, reveals the mechanisms and techniques of mime in an easy-to-understand translation. This is not a theoretical "art of" book, but a functional "how to" and "why to" instructional guide. Individual exercises are included, together with detailed coverage of body movements, the illusion and how to create a world.


Mime Ministry: An Illustrated, Easy-To-Follow Guidebook for Organizing, Programming, and Training a Troupe of Chris

The silent art of pantomime can speak volumes! Akin to the power of stained glass windows, choral music and ritual, a beautiful mime performance can touch deep and hidden places during Christian worship.


Religious Signing: A Comprehensive Guide for All Faiths

The bond between sign language and religion dates to the 11th century where it was developed by French monks. This totally new guide contains all the vocabulary and information you need to communicate effectively with the deaf in any religious setting.


Signing Illustrated

This easy-to-use learning guide that teaches American Sign Language is updated and expanded to include new computer and technology signs and offers a fast and simple approach to learning.

Orig.: $18.95
Sale: $16.95

Signing Made Easy

For the fourth most used language in the United States, there has not previously been a manual that did more than simply show how to make individual signs. Signing Made Easy teaches how to use signing as a language.


Dancing Into the Anointing - Aimee Kovacs

Dancing before the Lord is an integral part of praising God, says dancer and international speaker Aimee Kovacs. In Dancing Into the Anointing you'll learn about the prophetic dance and how dancing was used in worship in the Old Testament. You can also find out how to start a dance team at your church, and much more!


Dance! Gods Holy Purpose - Dr. Ann Stevenson

Where does dance fit into worship, warfare, and wholeness?

Learn how to reclaim and restore dance to its rightful place in the Kingdom of God. Oppose the enemy's efforts to keep dance in his worldly kingdom, and let discernment, wisdom, and maturity win the day against our ancient foe.


Dancing For Joy - Murray Silberling

A fully biblical activity, scriptural dancing is a way to worship that's catching on, not only among Messianic Jews -- but among non-Jewish believers as well.

Orig.: $11.99
Sale: $10.99

Dance As The Spirit Moves - A Practical Guide To Worship And Dance

This book teaches you how to release and fulfill the desire of your heart to worship before your Lord in DANCE! You will discover the: Reason for dance, Five Spirit-led dances, Dance oils of anointing, Four stages of art in the church, Fivefold ministries and the arts.


I Was Born To Dance : Dr. Ann Higgins

From Topless to Top Class - She definitely was born to Dance. The call on her life was like that of the prophet Jeremiah. Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.(Jeremiah 1;5) Ann spent her entire life dancing and bringing joy to thousands of people from all walks of life. dance is shut up in her bones waiting to explode with every expression of movement.


The Purpose of The Dance - Dr. Ann Higgins

The purpose of the dance is to glorify God. His desire is for us to use our gifts and talents to draw people to Christ and also so that they will recognize His sovereignty. Dancers are mandated to use the gift of dance to show forth God's ability to heal, deliver and set people free from the hand of the enemy.


Exercising Kingdom Dominion in Dance: What Christian Dancers Bring to the Stage That Worldly Dancers Cannot

Handled from the Christian perspective of The Great Commission, Exercising Kingdom Dominion In Dance is designed to foster transformational learning in its readers and participants who go a step further to completing the online coursework. Wherever you are from and whatever role you currently perform in the ministry field of dance, this text is written to help you to find or confirm your unique position in dance, enlarge your territory in dance, take dance outside of the four walls of the Church, take dominion of the dance arena/industry for the glory of Christ, and to help others to find their unique place in Christian dance.


Too Deep for Words: A Theology of Liturigical Expression - Schmit, Clayton J

Exploring fundamental ways in which verbal expression in worship relates to aesthetic expression, Clayton Schmit provides a vitally important book for all homiletics students and scholars. Schmit explains that worship isn't just a sequence of "holy" words, and he reflects theologically on the relationship between verbal and aesthetic expression, demonstrating the aesthetic significance of verbal liturgical expression and the aesthetic responsibility of those who preach, pray, and lead in public worship.


If you are in the Praise Dance ministry you may also find this book interesting....

The Power and Power of Praise and Worship by Dr. Myles Munroe.    Every manufactured product was made to function within the context of specified guidelines and an ideal environment in order to achieve it's maximum performance. The presence of God is the established ideal atmosphere in which mankind was designed to function.<> 



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