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40 Days To Starting Over - Juanita Bynum


Juanita Bynum Topical Bible

Juanita Bynum has developed this exhaustive reference to help you plant the seed of God's word deep into the soil of your life. Use this comprehensive resource to grow to full maturity in your daily walk with the Lord. The Juanita Bynum Topical Bible leads you through the issues of life covering every aspect of your relationship with God and man. This handy boook gives you daily direction on your journey through life. Use this book in moments of indecision to find breakthrough revelation. It is ideally suited for devotional and informational reading,as well as for in-depth individual and group study. The Juanita Bynum Topical Bible is the most dynamic biblical reference book you can not live without!


No More Sheets-Starting Over (Revised & Updated) - Dr. Juanita Bynum II


Book- Walking in Your Destiny- How to Receive Your Spiritual - Juanita Bynum

Many Christians would be excited to know they have a spiritual inheritance, but they don?t have a clue what that really involves. Why is that? Juanita Bynum, author of the New york Times best seller The Threshing Floor, takes you right to the core issue. What place does your pastor hold in your church, your community, and your own heart?

Orig.: $14.99
Sale: $12.97

Book - The Threshing Floor - Juanita Bynum

The father has issued a clarion call for His children to get acquainted with Him. Juanita Bynum wants to bring you to the threshing floor--the place of total surrender to Him in prayer and intercession.

Orig.: $19.99
Sale: $16.97

Book-Matters of the Heart - Juanita Bynum

This groundbreaking message will open your eyes to the truth about your own heart. Whether you are new to the faith or have been doing great things for God's kingdom for years, you still need a new heart. This Word from the Lord has changed Juanita Bynum's life, and it will change your as well!

Orig.: $13.99
Sale: $12.97

Book - Matters of the Heart Devotions for Women - Juanita Bynum

In this life-changing devotional, Juanita Bynum offers a daily dose of reality mixed with a flavorful seasoning of the Holy Spirit.

Orig.: $14.99
Sale: $12.99

Book - My Spiritual Inheritance - Juanita Bynum

You can experience salvation and receive a new heart but still miss receiving your full spiritual inheritance. Juanita Bynum, best-selling author of Matters of the Heart, minces no words in explaining te scriptural significance for believers to understand the role spiritual authority plays in your inheriting all God destines for you. 

Orig.: $19.99
Sale: $17.97

Book - A Heart for Jesus - Juanita Bynum

God loves to transform lives and create something new and beautiful. Juanita Bynum talks to kids about getting a new heart. In this fun and warm-hearted story, a little girl sees her mama change every day.


Book - Experiencing His Presence - Juanita Bynum

Bynum offers a step-by-step guide in how to birth fervent, effective intercession according to James 5:16. This daily devotional is based on "The Threshing Floor," which reveals how to go into a deeper and more intimate relationship in the process of purification on the threshing floor of intercession, as revealed in Moses' tabernacle.

Orig.: $14.99
Sale: $12.97


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