Joseph Walker III

Dr. Joseph W. Walker III discusses various topics on relationships and love. Dr. Walker helps men and women discover ways to overcome obstacles on their journey toward wholeness and offers considerable insight on the man that meets the standard and the woman that meets the standard. Dr. Walker gives practical advice that is easy to understand and integrate into ones personal life.

Excerpt from Love and Intimacy: Five Ways to Get Together and Stay Together The Relationship Doctor’s formula to a healthy relationship:

  • A holy relationship begins with two whole people, not two unhealthy, needy ones. There can be no relationship without a man and a woman—whole and constantly growing toward greater wholeness.
  • Until we, as individuals, understand who, where, and whose we are, no attempt at a healthy relationship with anybody will be successful.
  • Before {a person is} qualified to be in relationship with someone else, {they} have to seek to be whole within {themselves}. Only then can {they} truly give {themselves} to another and receive love from another.

New Book - Date With Destiny 

Bishop Joseph Walker's new book Date with Destiny provides readers with a guide to deeper intimacy with loved ones. Bishop Walker sheds light on the purpose in relationships for couples - to support and motivate each other in working towards the attainment of their individual destinies.

Walker says that life is purposeful and relationships should be strategic in leading us to our destinies. The relationship expert encourages readers to walk in purpose and to develop a better understanding of the call that God has placed on their lives as individuals and as couples. Commitment to pursue each other's destiny together leads to deeper intimacy and a strong relationship. Walker illustrates his points by weaving his personal relationship story throughout the text.

To accompany the book, Walker is also releasing a book of devotions. Date with Destiny: 40 Devotions to Help You Find the Love You Need  takes readers through heartfelt, biblically inspired devotions that encourage and equip them for loving God's way.

Walker is the pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, a 23,000 member congregation. He is also a regular contributor for The Rickey Smiley Show, a nationally syndicated radio show, where he is featured every Wednesday as the "The Relationship Doctor" discussing various relationship topics. In addition, Walker has been chosen as a 2011 national spokesperson for the Association for Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM). He is known most recently for preaching the Steve McNair funeral. He is the author of Date with Destiny and Love & Intimacy.

Becoming A Couple Of Destiny - Bishop Joseph Walker and his wife Dr. Stephaine Walker

It takes two. Even if men aren’t from Mars and women aren’t from Venus, they still have different takes on what make a relationship work.

In this he says—she says book, Bishop Joseph Walker and his wife Dr. Stephaine Walker tell you how to know when you’re in love and ready to take that next step of commitment. This dynamic and successful couple will also dialogue about the place of intimacy, carving out time for each other, and the importance of creating a spiritual life together in order to make significant and lasting decisions. They will also talk about the values necessary to keep couples together in this temptation-laden culture.


Life Between Sundays - Dr. Joseph Walker III

SUBTITLE: How to Overcome Challenge and Adversity Every Day

Life's setbacks," writes Dr. Joseph Walker, "are never accidental. They are always a piece of a larger landscape- distinct metaphorical scenes in an epic masterpiece." To help you grasp this vital truth, Dr. Walker provides a first-person account of his own intimate experience with an unexpected setback, the death of his beloved wife, Diane. In his new book, Between Sundays, Dr. Walker wraps his extraordinary insights around the story of Diane's remarkable life; her extended battle with stomach cancer and undeterred faith, in spite of the prognosis. It's not just a story of selfless commitment and tireless sacrifice. More so, it's a beautiful portrait of one man's fortitude in the face of contradicting realities- a man teaching, nurturing, and shepherding a congregation of thousands, while fighting a singular, lonely battle to keep his wife and faith alive. Between Sundays is not another memoir of a man with a painful past who needs the world to hear his story. Rather, it's a deeply touching guidebook; one that is certain to provide renewed strength, comfort and hope, not in spite of your circumstances, but because of them. Within the pages of this book the reader will find truth and encouragement that will help them on their own journey.


Love And Intimacy Dr. Joseph Walker III

This is straight talk and teaching. Bishop Joseph W. Walker III draws on scripture to describe five ways for men and women to give and receive the kind of love that leads to what we all want--a fulfilling committed relationship. These steps include how to be ready for a holy hookup, meeting the standard, being real, being on the same team, and living to the glory of God together.

"A long-lasting, loving, intimate relationship is a beautiful thing. I should know because I’ve been blessed with two. The day I married Dr. Diane Greer was one of the happiest days of my life... But that did not last because Diane died a few years later... This past year I married Dr. Stephaine Hale. It was a day I will never forget. God gave me the desires of my heart and proved to me that He is a restorer... I am convinced that that day began the best days of the rest of my life... Because I’ve been there, I also know that relationships take work. They don’t just happen. They are give and take propositions... But after all the fluff is brushed away, there are five basic steps in this journey of getting together and staying together." from the book



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