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Single, Saved and Having Sex.  Ty Adams

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Are you single and think there's nothing wrong with certain sex acts because you're not "having sex"?

Are you afraid that if you say no to your boyfriend's sexual advances you'll end up alone?

Are you able to fill your bed virtually every night with a different woman(man), yet feel your soul is empty?

The author knows-and wants you to know-that having sexual urges is perfectly normal. You'll certainly need them once you get married! However, what you do with those urges-which include lust addiction, masturbation, pornography, and homosexuality-will impact the blessings or the judgments that will touch your life.

Inside these pages you'll find:

  • Deliverance from sex: Hint-be honest about where you are right now
  • Ex-boyfriends' lies: How to spot them, how to fight them "Born-again" virginity:
  • The simple price-a one-time covenant with Jesus
  • Late-night "booty calls": Little surprises equal big trouble
  • Unplanned pregnancy: What to do so it doesn't happen, what to do if it does
  • "Mr. (or Ms.) Right": You don't need to date to discover the perfect mate.

Ty Adams tells the truth


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